2017 Season Review: Ben Robinson, QB

As the off-season is underway and the 2017 season is in the rear view mirror we take a look back at last season Ben Robinson, QBwith the first of our 2017 Season Review series. First up, we get the views of our starting Quarterback Ben Robinson.

First Ben, could you give a quick summary on how you think the season went for the Nighthawks?

I’m really happy with how we have done this season and proud of everyone involved. For us to get to the playoffs two times in a row in the Premier North is a massive achievement. I feel like before the season we were the underdogs again and everyone thought the first year was a fluke, so for us to prove everyone wrong felt good.

And as the leader of the offence and as a QB you’re also one of the club captains, what’s your evaluation of the offence’s performance this year?

Losing LT (Laurent Tshimanga) was obviously a massive blow as he is an offensive weapon and will be hard to replace. However having rookie Jimmy (Sutherland) coming in and Daishawn both firing and making yards was great to see. When we were all clicking it felt like we could score at any point. Having the receiver core that we do have makes my job so much easier, and makes me look good of course! You only have to look at the stats to realise how good our receivers are.

As Ben mentions each starting receiver for the Nighthawks had a great season with every receiver averaging over 10 yards per reception last season and accounting for a total of 19 touchdowns, which shows how prolific they can be.

There were times last season where the offence was flying but there were also times where it struggled to get going. What would you put that down to?

It was little mistakes and not executing how we should. This could come down to game day nerves, or more than likely not having everyone together at practice. When the offence doesn’t click it’s easy to get your head down and become frustrated but I think as a group we are quite good at picking each other up and carrying on.

Ben Robinson, QBBut you could see that the offence was going well towards the end of the season. So what has been the unit’s biggest improvement?

I think our passing game has definitely improved on last season. But I think our biggest improvement is effort without the ball. There have been some great blocking downfield and effort to help teammates out.

Yeh definitely something to be noted is the unit working as a unit not just a bunch of individuals. So looking ahead to next season what would you like to see from the team?

After making it to the playoffs two times running the next step is to become Premier North champions and make it to the Britball final. Then obviously winning it!

….and finally, who is winning the Super Bowl this season?

Haha! It’s got to be the mighty Seahawks!


Next up is Pete Horgan but check out our more in-depth interview with Ben coming in the not-so-distant future.

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