Fury end season with loss to Sabres, finish at 3-5

The Fury’s season comes to a close after their trip to Sheffield saw them lose their fifth game of the season.

Only a victory would’ve taken Liverpool to the play offs, but a tightly contested game saw them lose out and their season come to a close. The Sabres themselves had already secured post season football before kick-off, and, after Saturday’s results, sat in second place.

LJMU were determined to come away with the win from the kick off and were able to make a big stand on the first drive from Sheffield. Fury then scored the first touchdown of the game, after a long run from Pedro Botelho ended in six points for the away side. After Eddy Ferns converted the point after attempt, the Fury were off to a dream start.

Sabres then returned fire and after a long drive in the second quarter, managed to get three points after a long-range kick which narrowed Fury’s lead. Sheffield then built on the kick and were able to score a touchdown on a reverse run. The kick was also converted, and Fury found themselves behind 10-7.

The Sabres then gave themselves a further advantage, after forcing their way into the endzone on the run again, giving them a 10point lead. The game was starting to get away from Fury, but they still had time to pull back the lead. The home side added another three points to their lead after scoring a field goal in the third quarter.

A deep pass by Harry Sackman to Eddy Ferns got LJMU another seven points to relight the play off hopes. However, it was not meant to be, and the Sabres were able to shut Liverpool out for the remainder of the game thus ending the season. a 20-13 loss on the day sent the Sabres to play offs, and the Fury home.

In their first year at Division 1 level, the Fury finished the year 3-5, avoiding relegation but failing to make it past the regular season. LJMU can take pride away from this season but will feel disappointed that they didn’t make the post season. Next year they will look to improve on this and will bring the Fury.


By Jack Fisher

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