Manchester MVPs


Our Offensive MVP, or should we say MVPs, for the Titans home game was the whole of our Offensive Line. They have been a rock solid unit all season so far, and have kept QB Robinson fairly upright too. However, Manchester was their stand out performance of the year. They opened up the Manchester defence, allowing our RBs and QBs rush for 271 yards and 3 TDs. Add to that Robinson’s 3 passsing TDs and zero sacks on the day, and it’s clear to see why our 9 OL guys deserved this accolade.

The Nighthawks OL contributed to 271 yards rushing and 0 sacks
Photo © John Maher Sr













Our defensive MVP was DL #93 Ste Kilgannon. Kilgo had his best game of the season when it mattered most, accounting for 4 solo tackles and eating up double teams all day long!

Kilgo was at his dominant best, stuffing the run all day
Photo © John Maher Sr














Special Teams

Last but not least, our special teams MVP was one again Jace Cascoe. Racking up 123 yards on 4 kick returns, Jace put us in great position right at the end of the game to be able to snatch a last second victory. Add to that his two downfield tackles on kick offs, and it’s clear to see that he added the wow factor to our ST units.

Jace setting us up for the game winning drive at the end of the game
Photo © John Maher Sr



















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