Fury defeat league leading Warriors, move back to .500

LJMU headed to the league leaders Sheffield Hallam Warriors this week and looked to beat the top of the table on their own turf.

Fury had been in poor form after back to back defeats to the UCLAN Rams. However, their spirits did not dampen as they were able to put in a winning performance against the Warriors. Hallam had gone into the game after a defeat to the Leeds Gryphons, who had not yet won a game.

Liverpool’s defence were in the mood this week as they got three and out on almost every drive. The intensity from the D was unmatchable and early in the game Hallam could not move the chains. On the other side Fury’s offence also could not get going and the first quarter ended with no score.

The second quarter saw success for Fury as they were able to drive down the field and the QB Harry Sackman was able to get 6 points on the board with a run into the endzone. The point after was not converted.

LJMU were able to continue applying the pressure after winning the ball back from the kick off and the offence were on the field once again. The following drive resulted in three points for the visiting team, and the lead extended to 9-0.

The kick-off was returned to inside the Fury redzone, however once again the defence showed great determination and managed to limit the damage to a field goal closing the gap to 9-3.

Showing the dominance of the defence, Chris Alderson was able to intercept a long pass from the QB for the second game in a row, giving the ball back to LJMU. The offence tried to increase their lead but couldn’t find a way in and the half ended 9-3.

The Fury D once again showed the league leaders that they came to play after they piled the pressure on the QB and got a safety, adding another two points to their lead. After this it was a matter of killing the game off and keep their opponents at bay, which with the momentum they had was not too hard. Another field goal put the score at 14-3 and that’s how the game would end.

With this victory they now stand at 3-3 and, with two games left, they can resurrect their record and end the season on a high, with hopefully some post season football to boot. After their bye-week next week, they host the Leeds Gryphons, who the Fury have already beaten in the first game of the year.

By Jack Fisher

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