Fury fall to Warriors, move to 2-1

24139789_10155987380553628_1132110229_oLJMU Fury faced disappointment and defeat this week as the Sheffield Hallam Warriors came to town.

Both sides were 2-0 going into game week 4 but only one team could keep their flawless record. The Warriors had arrived in Liverpool with two high scoring victories in their first games of the season against the Leeds Gryphons and the UCLan RAMS. Fury’s two previous victories were closely fought contests and hosting the division favourites would be a challenge for the newly promoted side.

The opening 15 minutes of the game brought no real excitement as both defences were able to make plays and stop the offences from moving down the field. The teams went into the second quarter scoreless.

However, after a pick from their safety, the away side were able to move the chains down field and run the ball into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. The point after was no good as Fury blocked the kick keeping the score at 6-0 to the Warriors. The remainder of the first half continued to be dominated by defence and neither side could add to the scoreboard making it 6-0 to Hallam at Half time.

LJMU were able to make a quick start to the second half and after Pedro Botelho returned the kick to the half way line, a run by Jensen Fairhurst got the offence further down field. QB Harry Sackman was then able to fire a long pass to Bradley Tetlow who caught the ball in the endzone. The kick was converted, and the home side took the lead 7-6.

24099781_10155987378323628_1228488342_nHowever, the joy was not to last as the kick off was returned to Fury’s 7-yard line and the QB was able to complete a pass into the endzone that gave the Warriors a 12-7 lead. Sheffield went for a two-point conversion but couldn’t make the play and kept the lead at five-points. It got worse for Fury after they failed to get a first down and the Warriors special teams were able to block the punt and Sam Fossey ran the ball in to score a touchdown. Again, they couldn’t convert another two-point attempt making it 18-7.

After this touchdown Fury’s spirits were dampened and the favourites were able to take a commanding lead. Another interception by the away sides defence allowed their running back to take to the field and score a 40-yard touchdown, making the game a 4-score lead at 24-7. The league favourites then put the game out of Fury’s reach and scored another touchdown which was a pass into the endzone making it 30-7. LJMU did manage to get two points back due to a safety to make it 30-9, but at the time, the game was already lost.

Fury will face the UCLAN RAMS after their bye week and they will look to improve on this performance and get back to winning ways at the UCLan Sports Arena.

By Jack Fisher

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