Unfancied Fury slay Sabres, move to 2-0

fury2LJMU Fury once again defied the critics as they hosted the Sheffield Sabres this weekend at JMO Sports Park.

The Sabres arrived in Liverpool off the back of a 28-16 win over the UCLAN Rams last week in their own park and they were predicted as the favourites for this matchup. Fury themselves had come into the game with a victory after scoring on their last drive of the game, in what was a nail-biting finish against the Leeds Gryphons.

The Fury defence showed early on that the Sabres were not in for an easy ride as a failed hand-off attempt allowed a fumble to be recovered by Line-backer Liam Hulse at the 25-yard line. QB Harry Sackman and his offence took to the field and utilised the run game quickly and efficiently. Daishawn Honohan was able to pick up yards and then run it into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game and after just four minutes Fury were 7-0. Sheffield struggled to get the ball moving early in the game and couldn’t handle the aggressiveness of the Fury D. The defence made some big plays and Tom Crawford’s interception on his own 18-yard line kept the Sabres from scoring in the first quarter.

At the start of the Second quarter the Sabres had a touchdown disallowed because both teams had committed a foul on the play and the score stayed at 7-0. The second quarter saw no real joy for either team until inside the last two minutes when head coach Neil Minguad called a play that let the big guns take to the field and produce some huge blocks, allowing Honohan to once again run it home for his second TD of the game. However, the kick was no good and the Fury took 13-0 lead into halftime.

fury 1The Second half saw Fury regain the ball at kick off but during their first drive, an ankle injury to Daishawn meant LJMU would have to play the rest of the game without the star running back. There were a few drives between each side that brought no joy as neither offence could get in full swing and Liverpool missed two field goals in the half. The Sabres put serious pressure on the D having the ball at the 2nd-yard-line, but the home side were in laser focus and kept them out once again. Sheffield then made their first successful drive scoring a touchdown on a screen play that allowed the QB to have time to find a receiver, who then ran it to make it a one score game, the kicker getting the point after reducing it to a one-point game. The away side were able to win back the onside kick giving them time to make a drive for the game, but with the first play DB Johnny Hill picked the QB’s pass and gave the ball back to the offence who were able to run the clock down and, despite being underdogs, win the game.

LJMU will host the hotly favoured Sheffield Hallam Warriors on Sunday 26th at JMO for control of the division going into week 4.

By Jack Fisher

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