Fury have play-off hopes tarnished by triumphant Gryphons.

Photo © John Maher Snr

Photo © John Maher Snr

Despite arriving with only a 1-5 record, the Gryphons showed up to JMO Park determined to escape relegation’s grasp. Fury also had a lot to play for as they looked to extend their season beyond eight games, but it was not to be.


It was a strong start for Liverpool as the defence got a three and out on the first series. The offence then returned the favour when a 70yard run from star running back Jacob Diaba gave Fury the lead and the first score of the game. The kick was converted and LJMU were off to a flying start.

However, penalty after penalty allowed Leeds to get down field and the Quarterback tossed the ball into the endzone putting six points on the board. The field goal was no good and the lead was narrowed to one.

The Gryphons were then able to come from behind and take the lead after the Fury defence couldn’t prevent them from Marching towards the endzone. Another pass into the same area allowed the visitors to take the lead, this time adding the 2-point conversion after, the first quarter ended 14-7.

Photo © John Maher Snr

Photo © John Maher Snr

The away side continued to pile on the pressure as they went into Fury’s redzone and despite a big hit, managed to get another touchdown and extended the lead to 21-7. Leeds put themselves just out of reach as they scored their third unanswered touchdown, this time forcing their way to the line.

Leeds continued to dominate and Fury’s offence couldn’t stay on the field for long enough to put anything together. The Gryphons D then intercepted a pass from Harry Sackman but couldn’t get anything from the following drive.

LJMU’s hopes were reignited in the third quarter as Liam Mckinney received a pass on the 20 yard line and ran it into the endzone to make it 21-14 with a quarter to go.

With 15 minutes still to play, Fury chased to get the ball back and come away with the victory. However, Leeds were able to close out the game and even score another converted TD late on to put Fury out of the game.

On their final home game of the season, Liverpool could not get the victory they needed that would’ve given them the chance at play off football. Fury will go to Sheffield next week to play the Sabres in what will most likely be their last game of the 2017/18 season.

By Jack Fisher

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