Nighthawks drop new alternate red jerseys

Today has seen the Nighthawks drop their new alternate red jerseys on Britball and it’s safe to say, we think they look incredible.

Manufactured exclusively by EP Sports, with a brand new fit and design, the new look red jerseys were worn for the first time this past Sunday in our 50-0 win over the Leicester Falcons.

Featuring a real game day fit, epaulet slot for a great fit around shoulder pads and less sleeve, the players were surprised with these when they entered the dressing rooms on Sunday and their performance on Sunday backed up what we thought all along. Red is the new black.

Each jersey also features 3 patches on:

1- the first features across the back of every jersey and is that of Benchmark International, our primary sponsor for the year. They saw the vision of these new jerseys earlier this year with us and helped us to bring these to fruition.

2 – Owl Financial have been our insurance partners for a number of years now, supporting our players when there is a requirement for insurance on and off the field. Our players minds are put at rest knowing that they’re covered 24/7 by Owl, and we thank Ben Pumford for his support in this.

3 – Lifting The Lid – we’re pleased to be the first team in the UK to sport the Lifting The Lid logo on our jerseys, supporting the charity in their endeavours on and off the pitch. Set up by Britballers Wayne Drew and Elliot Walters, Lifting The Lid encourages players in Britball to open up about their mental health and talk to someone when times get tough.

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