Nighthawks @ Wolves : Preview

The Merseyside Nighthawks (1-4) are set to take on the Edinburgh Wolves (3-2) this Saturday, in the longest away trip of the season for the ‘Hawks. Coming off the back of a bad defeat last weekend, Merseyside have been preparing thoroughly as they seek to bounce back and hopefully find their groove again this weekend.

Offensively the Nighthawks haven’t yet consistently shown the kind of form we’re used to seeing from them over the past few seasons, but the defence hasn’t been faring any better so far. New recruits Martin Murphy and Jonny Weekes have proven to be instant hits but the performances of the team as a whole have often been middling at best and there is certainly a lot of room for improvement across the board.

Last season Merseyside comfortably took care of Edinburgh at home but lost to the Wolves in the away fixture in a hotly contested back and forth affair this weekends matchup could come down to who wants it more. One game off the playoff places, Edinburgh have plenty of incentive to come out strong but look for Merseyside to fight hard to get their second win of the season.

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