Raptors dine on Legion lunch

The first game back after the festive break, which hadn’t seemed to fill the Raptors on turkey, saw them return to the field with an appetite. Unfortunately the magical 50 burger was just out of reach but a 41-7 win sufficed.

Raptors QB Callum Harris had a great game, rushing in 3 TD’s. From a very effective read play, which had James Sutherland faking a hand-off and drawing the Chester defence away from the sneaky QB keeper run, Harris had his first. James Sutherland got his chance to put one in the end zone too and succeeded to stretch the Liverpool lead. As well as making good on the ground, Callum Harris made good use of his throwing arm, keeping the Chester defence on their toes with gains being made from runs and passes. Receiver Alex Totir both ran in a TD and received a passing TD to score twice for the Raptors. Perhaps the best reception, however, came from receiver Tom Goold making a diving effort to bring in the ball and get the first down to continue a scoring drive.

For the Raptors defence, mentions must be made to Alex Dodd and Dafydd Roberts who both played excellent both on defence and on special teams. Harry Dayman on the D line kept the Chester offence under pressure and caused them issues all game. Daniel Grant and Jack Edhouse were making plays sending some big hits first class into the Legion side. Interceptions were made by Eddie Webster and Jack getting the Raptor O back on the field to make more conversions.

All in all a great game and a strong performance to start the new year which was something the Raptors weren’t able to achieve last year. They have two fixtures left, one road trip to Bradford, and then the all important game with Manchester at the end of February.

By Gregory Hardy Webzell

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