Season Preview – Adrian Briody, OL, #57

Next up in our season previews, we speak to Rookie OL, Adrian Briody. Having played Rugby League for many a year, Adrian has made the switch to the Nighthawks seamlessly, and is already causing a nuisance of himself on the field.


How did you find out about the Nighthawks?

I had been wanting to play American football for a while and did some research on teams close to me. I came across the Nighthawks and after having a good look at their results from previous seasons and the high aspirations they have I realised they were probably the best team in my local area.

What other team sports had you played before joining the Nighthawks?

Before this I played rugby league at a good amateur level for 12 years before stopping a few years back, it’s been good getting back into a team environment.

Why did you join the Nighthawks?

The main reason I chose to join the Nighthawks was they seemed to be the best team in the area. Even though I’ve never played before I felt that it would be the best place to learn the game as the standard of coaches and players to learn from would be higher than elsewhere. Plus I’m pretty competitive and felt if I’m going to do it I may as well do it properly and test myself against the best teams in the country

How have you found pre-season?

I’ve really enjoyed pre season, it’s been difficult at times and there’s been an insane amount of information to process. Training camp really helped me and I left feeling like a miles better player than when I arrived. It’s also got me back in the gym after a couple of years of not training so my fitness level has improved massively.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I’m most looking forward to hopefully getting myself into the team and becoming the best player I can but of course I’m also looking forward to getting to the playoffs and hopefully winning the Brit Bowl

Is there anyone on either side of the ball that we should keep our eyes on?

I’ve been really impressed with the level of everyone in the team but Martin Murphy has definitely been a stand out on offence, his running game is phenomenal and he’s improving week after week. Mike Briscoe on offensive line is also a guy to keep an eye on, I’ve been massively impressed with him and learned a hell of a lot from him too. On defense Mark Houghton definitely, going up against him in training has helped massively as he hits hard all the time! I’m looking forward to seeing him go against other teams!

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