Tamworth MVPs


Our Offensive MVP for our first home game of the year vs Tamworth was #44 RB Martin Murphy. ‘Murph’ had some solid blocking in front of him for the game, running for 82 yards on 15 carries, averaging 4.5 yards per carry. His TD in the first quarter kept the score tight for the 1st quarter

#44 Martin Murphy celebrates after his 1st quarter TD
Photo © John Maher Sr














Our defensive MVP was CB Jonny Weekes. Jonny and his fellow DB, Yemi Adenola, were all over the field against Tamworth but #23 stood out. His 5 total tackles, 1 pass deflection and 1 interception, that was returned for 45 yards,gained Jonny his first MVP award since coming across from Chester.


#23 CB Jonny Weekes takes down the Tamworth WR
Photo © John Maher Sr














Special Teams

Last but not least, our special teams MVP was #90 P/DL Matt O’Connell. His 4 punts for 152 yards got the ‘Hawks out of some tricky positions, and his 62 yard longest punt was made despite constant pressure from the Phoenix punt block team.

#90 P/DL was under constant pressure from the Phoenix ST
Photo © John Maher Sr





















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