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200 CLUB

Merseyside Nighthawks 200 Club
Our Club Lotto

Welcome to our 200 Club

Our 200 Club is an important way that we raise funds for the organisation as well as giving you the opportunity to win something back in return! 


How does it work?

For £5 per month (for each number) you get to choose a Jersey Number of your choice, we have Black and Red Jerseys with numbers 0 to 99 available. Draws are made on the 15th of every month. Our prizes are listed above and they will grow as participation increases so spread the word!

How is the money raised spent?

All profits made from the 200 Club will be equally divided between the Adult Contact team and the Youth Academy. Priorities for the organisation include:

  • Investment in playing equipment to keep our players safe

  • Investment in training equipment to help develop our players as best as possible

  • Keep subscription fees as low as possible for our members

How do I sign up?

Simply follow the link below to sign up on our partner website:

Then get in touch with us by one of the methods below with your preferred Jersey Colour and Number and we will provide the details on how to sign up:

Don't forget to get in touch with us to secure the number you want!

What's next?

If you sign up before the 14th of this month you will added to this month's draw. Winners will be announced via our social media platforms and on our website.

Once we reach more than 100 participants will be increase the prizes - so get sharing and encourage all family, friends and colleagues to sign up!

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